Regional Sub-Groups

What are Regional Sub-Groups?

‘Carry out integrated planning and commissioning for specific groups of children and young people at particular disadvantage. They concentrate on those things which cannot be achieved more locally and have to be worked through by the agencies at Northern Ireland level.’
  • Think Family Subgroup
  • Think Family Leaflet
  • Children with Disability / Transitions Regional Subgroup
  • Children with Disability Regional Subgroup Poster
  • Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties Regional Subgroup
  • Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties Poster
  • Young Carers Regional Subgroup
  • LAC/16+ Regional Subgroup
The CYPSP has been very careful not to set up groups or planning processes where these exist already. Where planning is already going on elsewhere, the CYPSP is making links. This is set out in detail in the draft Children and Young People’s Plan.

Each regional sub-group is carrying out outcomes based planning. This means that they are considering the 6 high level outcomes, and deciding which quantitative information is useful in telling them how well the group of children and young people are doing in relation to the outcomes. They are also sharing their knowledge of qualitative information on how these children and young people are doing. They are considering the supports and services that are available already, and they are they working on what needs to change across Northern Ireland, which only can be achieved by agencies working together. Their Action Plans will spell out their early conclusions on this, and these Action Plans will be then published for public consultation.

Progress to date…

In 2012, the Regional Sub-Groups of the CYPSP made leaps and bounds in their formation and development. At this time last year there were five groups established, all of which have developed action plans that are in the process of being finalised. These will be approved at the February meeting of the CYPSP. The groups have already begun to consider how the action plans would be implemented and 2013 proves to be another big year for these groups as they aim to progress even further.

List of Regional Sub-Groups