Parental Participation Project

The Health & Social Care Board (HSCB) have commissioned Parenting NI to deliver the CYPSP Parental Participation Project which includes many strands of work. One element of this work is to carry out direct engagement exercises with parents in order to ensure that parents have a voice in planning support and services in their local area. CYPSP recognise the importance of engaging effectively with and involving parents as they are our children’s first educator and play an important in their child’s life.

Through the development of the CYPSP Parental Participation Project over the past number of years Parenting NI identified a trend, which was the need to evidence where parents access family support, the barriers and challenges they face in accessing family support, how parents can best be supported to reduce these barriers and how to improve parent’s access to family support.

The full reports can be found below.

Regional Parenting Survey 2018/2019

Effective Parental Participation Guide 2019