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The CYPSP has mandated the South Eastern Outcomes Group to implement outcomes based planning for the South Eastern Trust area. Outcomes based planning is the gathering statistical information and information from communities in order to understand how well children and young people are doing in terms of certain outcomes, and then putting into place services designed to improve these outcomes. The membership of the South Eastern Outcomes Group reflects that of the CYPSP with representation from the statutory agencies and the voluntary and community sector. The South Eastern Outcomes Group will enable the improvement of support and services for children and young people in ways that have not been possible up to now. We will build on achievements to date to make services better for children and young people.

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The role of the South Eastern Outcomes Groups is to provide a local focus for tracking of indicators consistent with the 6 high level outcomes, relating to the well-being and the realization of rights. The group mobilizes local resources from the statutory, voluntary and community sectors aiming to improve outcomes for children and young people through integrated planning and commissioning.

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Latest News & Events

South Eastern Partnerships Conference, April 2018 - The South Eastern Partnerships Conference will bring together colleagues from across the South Eastern Outcomes Area to explore the wealth of partnerships contributing to improving outcomes for vulnerable children and young people and responding to childhood adversity across the area.   Continue reading
The Changing Lives Initiative - The Changing Lives Initiative is supporting families with children at risk of ADHD in the Colin locality and west Belfast. The programme is a community-based initiative creating a better understanding about ADHD and providing an intervention programme for families with Continue reading
South Eastern Adverse Childhood Experiences Joint Networking Event -   The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in partnership with the South Eastern Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team (DACT) will host a service providers networking event on 1 March 2018 that will focus on the impact of Adverse Continue reading
‘Take 5’ Steps to Wellbeing – PHA Small Grants Scheme - The Public Health Agency (PHA) has identified funding for a small grants scheme to address the themes of Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing, Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm, and have commissioned CLEAR to facilitate this process. The PHA are keen to Continue reading
Improving children’s lives together in the South Eastern Area -   The South Eastern Outcomes Group recently hosted an engagement event in Downpatrick to launch their new children and young people’s plan for 2017-2020. The event brought together over 60 representatives from the community, voluntary and statutory sector who are working Continue reading

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