Outcomes Groups

Organisations from statutory, voluntary and community sectors work together to develop partnerships, action plans and services to improve outcomes for children and young people.

What are Outcomes Groups


‘The five Outcomes Groups are responsible for the integrated planning and commissioning of services at a geographic level that is consistent with the Health and Social Care Trusts across Northern Ireland. Their membership reflects that of the CYPSP in that it includes representatives from statutory agencies and the community and voluntary sector.’

Location of Outcomes Groups

 Belfast | Northern | Southern | South Eastern | Western

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Progress to date…

The five Outcomes Groups are multi agency cross sectoral (Voluntary, Statutory and Community sectors) sub groups of the CYPSP.


Their main role is to monitor the six high level outcomes and through each partnership make the necessary changes to services and supports so families can ensure children and young people are healthy, enjoying, learning and achieving, living in safety and with stability, experiencing economic and environmental wellbeing, participating in community and with society and are living in a society which respects their rights.