Newry Locality Planning Group

The Newry Locality group was established in June 2016 and consists of twenty members. The group is made up of a broad range of community, statutory and voluntary organisations with the remit for children and young people in the area. The group aims to improve the outcomes for children and young people through a multiagency planning approach. The locality planning group is an ongoing process of engagement with children, young people and their families. This group will take into account the emerging needs collected at the Stakeholder event held in November 2014.

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Action Plan and Priorities

Mental, Emotional and Physical Health Needs

  • Need for services to help support children whose parents have mental health issues
  • Need for safe place for kids to play – not enough free space
  • Need for support for children and young people with ADHD
  • Need to reduce drugs problem
  • Need to look at the problems caused by “isolation”

Family Support Services

  • Need for education around agency referral processes for families
  • Need for more education around the Family Support Hub
  • Need for support for newcomer families – e.g. healthcare/Needs of BME children outside of school (e.g. homework)
  • Communication problems – communities not being aware of services/agencies available to them
  • Vocational subjects need to be promoted more especially for young people who are involved with the Youth Justice Agency

Service Providers – Capacity Building

  • Agencies not reaching those who are most in need
  • Need for outreach services – coming out into the community
  • Need for partnership working.

Engagement of Children, Young People and Families



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