Research Reference Process

The CYPSP has established a Research Reference Process to make sure that its work is supported by internationally recognised research. There are two UNESCO Chairs on the island of Ireland who are both involved with the CYPSP Research Reference Process, and it is chaired by one of them, Prof. Pat Dolan of the National University of Ireland Galway. His UNESCO Chair colleague, Prof. Alan Smith of the UNESCO Centre University of Ulster, supports him in the CYPSP process.

This formal linkage between CYPSP and the UNESCO Chairs provides the CYPSP with research expertise which is firmly rights based, while bringing in best practice in early intervention type family support. It also provides the CYPSP with access, through the UNESCO Chairs, to international expertise as required.

Core functions of the Research Reference Process are;providing technical advice to the CYPSP on any aspect of its workproviding quality assurance and independent commentary on work outputs of the CYPSPproviding a mechanism through which pieces of work can be taken forward jointly by the UNESCO Chairs in the island of Ireland through the Children and Youth Programme and the CYPSP.

Current work

At present, the research support to the CYPSP is concentrating on;

Advising on the design and evaluation of early intervention services to promote resilience in children, young people and families

Advising on the use of existing research to sharpen and guide the outcomes based integrated planning and commissioning.