Integrated Commissioning

The CYPSP is to establish an Integrated Commissioning Sub Group, which will take forward the two themes, ‘Integration of Planning’ and ‘Optimising Resources’. This Sub Group will be chaired by Liam Hannaway. In terms of ensuring that integrated commissioning can take place, the CYPSP will also agree an integrated commissioning framework. This will include processes that ensure that the appropriate arrangements are in place to govern the usage of funding from differing sources. The framework will take account of best practice elsewhere and previous integrated commissioning that has taken place in Northern Ireland.

What is Integrated Commissioning?

Integrated commissioning is about moving the plan towards identifying services and service providers to achieve outcomes. It involves two or more agencies taking joint responsibility for translating strategy into action.
Framework for Integrated Planning for Outcomes for Children & Families

Our Framework

The Framework for Integrated Planning for Outcomes for Children & Families has been put together from a CAWT project looking at Outcomes for Children. To learn more about this project, visit their website here.

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