CYPSP Purpose

The following gives an overview of the purpose of the CYPSP.

  • To put in place integrated planning and commissioning across agencies and sectors, through the Children and Young People’s Plan, aimed at improving wellbeing and the realisation of rights of children in Northern Ireland, in relation to the 6 outcomes as set out in Our Children and Young People, Our Pledge 10 year Strategy, (see below currently being updated).
  • To ensure that the CYPSP will be informed by and inform individual organisational business, corporate and community plans.
  • To ensure the participation and involvement of children, young people, families and communities in the integrated planning process.
  • To ensure an effective and efficient, fully mandated structure which is representative of all key stakeholders is in place to carry out the work of the partnership.

Our Children and Young People – Our Pledge


  • Being healthy
  • Enjoying, learning and achieving;
  • Living in safety and with stability;
  • Experiencing economic and environmental well being;
  • Contributing positively to community and society;
  • Living in a society which respects their rights




To learn more about the ten year strategy for children and young people in Northern Ireland 2006-2016 ‘Our Pledge’ click here