Children and Young Peoples Strategic Partnership

Outcomes Based Planning

The CYPSP, through all its groups, is carrying out planning to improve outcomes for children and young people.

The overarching strategic framework for integrated planning is provided by the Northern Ireland Executive’s Ten Year Strategy for Children and Young People: Our Children and Young People: Our Pledge 2006-2016. This sets out the six high level outcomes for children and young people which are to be contributed towards by all Departments of Government and all agencies in Northern Ireland. These outcomes can only be achieved through everyone working together. They are:

  • 1. Healthy
  • 2. Enjoying, Learning and Achieving
  • 3. Living in Safety and with Stability
  • 4. Experiencing Economic and Environmental Wellbeing
  • 5. Contributing Positively to community and society
  • 6. Living in a Society that respects their Rights.