CYPSP About Us

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) brings together a range of agencies, including voluntary and community sector organisations, that aim to improve the lives of children and young people in Northern Ireland.

CYPSP Members

Statutory Members
  • Valerie Watts, Chief Executive, Health ans Social Care Board
  • Liam Hannaway Vice - Chair CYPSP
  • Fionnuala McAndrew, Dir.Social Care HSCB
  • Tony Rodgers, Assist Dir. HSCB
  • Dr. Eddie Rooney, CEO PHA
  • Dr. Carolyn Harper, Dir.PHA
  • Pat Cullen, Dir.PHA
  • Dr. Clare Mangan, CEO BELB
  • Shane McCurdy, CEO NEELB
  • Vacant, SELB
  • Gregory Butler, CEO SEELB
  • Barry Mulholland, CEO WELB
  • Jim Clarke, CEO Council CMS
  • Tony Stevens, CEO NHSCT
  • Mairead McAlinden, CEO SHSCT
  • Hugh McCaughey, CEO SEHSCT
  • Elaine Way, CEO WHSCT
  • Mags Lightbody, Interim CEO NIHE
  • Maura Mildoon, PSNI
  • Anne Donaghey, CEO Ballymena BC
  • Theresa Donaldson, CEO LIS/Castlereagh DC
  • Suzanne Wylie, CEO Belfast CC
  • Paula Jack, CEO Youth Justice
  • Cheryl Lamont, Dir. PBNI
  • Ronnie Armour, DOJNI
  • Dave Wall, Dir. DSDNI
Voluntary Members
  • Pauline Leeson CEO CINI
  • Dawn Shaw Dir. Action for Children
  • Anne-Marie McClure CEO Start 360
  • Koulla Yiasouma Dir. Include Youth
  • Alan Sheeran Dir. NDCS(NI)
  • Marie Cavanagh Dir. Gingerbread
Community Members
  • Brenda McQueen M.Dir Dry Arch Centre
  • Anne Campbell Dir.Women's Aid Fed. NI
  • Jim Girvan CEO Blackie River Comm.Group
  • Vacancy Community Sector
  • Bernadette McAliskey Chief Director S.T.E.P
  • Gillian Gibson Footprints Women's Centre
BME Sector
  • Vacancy, Chinese Welfare Association
  • Jo Marley, Dir. Bryson Charitable Group
  • Paul Yam Dir. Wah Hep Chinese, Community Association

In Attendance
  • Martin Quinn, CYPSP / Safeguarding
  • Maurice Leeson, CYPSP
  • Anne Hardy, CYPSP
  • Valerie Maxwell, CYPSP
  • Rachael McKibbin, CYPSP